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Partnerships Make All The Difference

Working in faith, we officially launched our 1st Promise Pajamas collection efforts and what an incredible journey! Valarie and I have found that it really does take a village.

Partnering with such a selfless and giving community within this greater Charlotte area, we have been able to collect over 750 pairs of warm, cozy pajamas for the many very deserving children in our area.

Partnering with Inventrust, we were able to use storefront space at Sycamore Commons Shopping Center to host folding parties and store our growing inventory of pajamas. What a joyous experience it has been for us to build lasting friendships working side by side with many loving and hardworking volunteers to collect, fold and wrap, then sort each precious pair of pajamas.

Partnering with Bright Blessings, we have distributed these pajamas to over 14 shelters serving the ever-growing number of underprivileged and homeless children throughout the Charlotte area. We have provided warm pajamas to the children of many single parent families through COS Kids, provided pajamas to a family with 9 children who lost everything in the hurricanes, supported a teacher with a classroom of students in which most had never owned a pair of pajamas. Once you see the delight and joy on such sweet innocent faces, you forget all the planning, hard work and long evenings.

This is just the beginning and we could not have accomplished any of this without your generous support. Valarie and I cannot say it enough, THANK YOU again for supporting Promise Pajamas. Partnering together we can make a difference.

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